Saturday, 7 January 2012

Making waves...

Okay, 'waves' is the wrong word. But Chasing Alice is up and running. Yes, the name is terrible but it was the only thing my awful brain could come up with at 3am. It won't officially be up and running for a few weeks yet - leaving enough time to hopefully find some contributors. I believe that everyone has a voice, a positive one, and have hopefully created an environment where people will be able to express that voice. Chasing Alice won't be my site, it will be yours. It will belong to anyone who reads or contributes to it.

Although the project is in it's infancy at the moment, it will eventually become a creative hub where people can write, sing, photograph, draw or whatever to their hearts' content. Sort of a sharing place where the contributors will detail things that inspire them, or just simply share favourite memories, music, books, etc. in the hope that other people will also feel enlightened or inspired, and thus creating a little environment where people are free to express themselves through the arts.

If you have anything you would like to submit, or perhaps any questions you would like answered, the Chasing Alice team can be contacted through Yes, the site is pretty bare at the moment, but that will change with your input. Make 'Alice' the site you want it to be!

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