Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tinselitis #2: Advent Calendar Galore!

I’m at that stage. I’m walking into shops and suddenly becoming overwhelmed by an intense craving for chocolate. I’m not a big chocolate eater - I’m the obnoxious arsehole who gives back the Easter Eggs people buy me so that they can eat them themselves - but I go batshit crazy for chocolate in the run up to Christmas. For this compulsion, I blame the following:
Advent Calendars
There’s something nostalgic about these things. I remember the excitement each morning brought as a kid.. Wake up, CHOCOLATE TIME, Christmas is one day closer! Maybe I’m trying to desperately recapture those magical childhood moments. Maybe I’m trying to inch myself closer to diabetes. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the stupidly bright packaging and miniature chocolate that taps into some strange part of my brain. Because, you know, bright colours and miniature things are amazing.
Massive Tins of Chocolate
Roses, Celebrations, Quality Street. Three hallmarks of the British Christmas that are completely ignored from January-October. The idea that you can get miniature (see, miniatures rock!) versions of otherwise larger chocolates makes every individual I know go insane. I can eat these miniature delights until I feel sick (which I do. Every. Damn. Year) but there’s something satisfying about that. Also, God help the person who takes the last Malteaser Celebration. I will smite you.

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