Sunday, 23 October 2011


I know we haven’t even reached Halloween yet (crappy, made up holiday) but I’m already planning for Christmas. Ten weeks. 10. Ten weeks until I reach the happiest day of my year. Ten weeks until I come crashing down to earth with a crappy realisation that it’s all over.
I will whole-heartedly confess that I am 100% a Christmas addict. I have tinselitis, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve spent the past few weeks months planning the entire day in my head. I’ve drawn up a full, comprehensive list of what TV shows and movies to watch once November rolls around and it’s somewhat acceptable for me to admit to watching them day-in, day-out (Miracle on 34th Street first, followed by Love Actually). I’ve planned how to decorate my Christmas cupcakes. I’ve fantasised about miraculously winning the lottery over the next few weeks so that I can actually afford to buy the presents I have planned to buy for the people I can’t escape my family. I admit, I’m addicted. And soon, you will be, too.
The giant tree at Trafalgar Square, the Regent Street decorations, the never-ending loop of Last Christmas in shopping centres…I look forward to it all year. And here marks the beginning of my 10-week blog countdown to The Big Day. You’ll hate me by the time December reaches. But you’ll learn to love me again in time for next year.

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