Sunday, 20 November 2011

Tinselitis #5: Tonsillitis

It's happened. Every year in the run up to Christmas, I get some sort of sickness. For the past three years, it's been a nasty combination of a cold and tonsillitis. And it's struck again this year, rearing it's ugly head on Thursday night before unleashing it's full evilness yesterday. But it's not getting in my way.. Shopping is well under way!

I've got four whole people completely bought for. COMPLETELY. That doesn't mean I won't be buying more for them, but for now I've convinced myself that half my battle is done. I'm wrong, of course, but that doesn't stop my little smug feeling of satisfaction.

Along with the pre-Christmas diseases and shopping is my complete and utter triumph... I've spread the Christmas spirit! The Boyfriend, The Sister, The Friends, and now a few others are completely infected. Not with tonsillitis, but with Christmas Spirit (TM). My campaign for the Elves is working...

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