Monday, 5 December 2011

It's all about this Amy..

Rewind, if you will, to last Thursday night. The day after my last Tinselitis post. Now, I was extremely busy doing my normal, regular Thursday night routine.. Travelling to Kingston to meet the Other Half from work before coming home to settle down into bed to watch American Dad. A regular, ordinary Thursday for me. Except the most bizarre thing happened that night. My blog literally exploded that night (well, not literally, but I'm known for my slight exaggerations). As I innocently logged into my account on Friday morning I discovered the strangest thing.. My overnight unique views had grown from a fairly modest number to the thousands. I sat bemused for ages, desperately trying to figure out whether my Tinselitis posts were really that good (they're not) or if someone had spammed the URL somewhere.

Turns out, I was wrong on both accounts. Instead, my blog name had attracted a vast amount of attention for the wrong reasons. You see, Thursday night saw the launch of a "reality" show on Channel Five. Yes, Five. Titled "It's All About Amy", it follows the hapless-yet-people-still-find-her-lovable Amy Childs from the secretly brilliant/awful The Only Way Is Essex. It turns out that people were obviously heading to Google after the premiere of the show to ask themselves, "exactly who is Amy and why is it all about her?" That simple, innocent pondering led them here..

Let me clear a few things up for those who may still be confused. I'm Amy (last name withdrawn, unless you stalk me on Twitter or Facebook). I'm 20. I live in Battersea. I have a dude named Valentine. And I look like this...
I have never, nor will I ever, participate in any form of "reality" show accompanied by the brilliant Yazz song that I'm not too ashamed to admit I know every word to.

The other Amy is Amy Childs. She's 21. She's from Essex. I don't know if she has a dude, but she has a hanger-on by the name of Claire Powell. And she looks like this...
The name is pretty much the only similarity. I don't have blow-up body parts. I'm not orange. And I don't vajazzle. I also don't believe that there is only 12 months age difference between the two of us..

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