Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Fix Factor?

Every year there are a million and one rumours flying around about The X Factor. But I think this one might take more than the usual bit of explaining to subdue.

Earlier today, HMV added a new CD single to its pre-order section. Said single was labelled as The X Factor Winner's Single. And it's artist? Amelia Lily.
Amelia Lily, dubbed the "Comeback Kid". Picture credit: Now Magazine

It's no secret that each year The X Factor has each of the three (or four) finalists record their own version of The Winner's Single, but I personally can't recall a bigger cock-up than this before. In fact, I've been watching The X Factor since it began and I can't recall a more controversial series than this one.

Sure, each year has it's fair share of controversies (the obligatory boy/girl bands hastily put together at Boot Camp, warring judges, contestants who already have record deals) but this year seems to have every type of scandal possible. There was obviously Frankie Cocozza - who's early exit paved the way for Amelia's return - the "battle" between Tulisa and Kelly, the "battle" between Tulisa and Mischa B, Kelly Rowland's infamous sick voice (which I will definitely try out at some point in my life to see if it gets me a day off work) and Kitty Brucknell's constant struggle to be the world's most annoying woman. So after reviewing the HMV mistake (which has, conveniently, disappeared whilst the site undergoes maintenance) I'm almost convinced that it wasn't a mistake. It was a genuine marketing ploy by Simon Cowell, ITV, et al. After all, the initial thumbnail for the single was nestled between One Direction and Leona Lewis, two of X Factor's most famous alumni.

Take a look at the image below and decide for yourself whether it's a genuine mistake, a fix, or a clever placement to gain column inches for the failing show. Personally, I'm rooting for Little Mix to win with Marcus coming second. At least he might have a decent chance of having a career to match his talent then.

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