Saturday, 31 December 2011

"Welcome to the real world" she said to me, condescendingly. Or: How John Mayer potentially ruined my life.

So today was a fairly liberating day. I discovered a few days ago whilst in the beginning fuzzy haze of flu that my temporary contract at work was being shortened by a month. Like all self-respecting slaves to the pound, I just nodded my head and got on with my awful job, mentally preparing myself for the quicker-than-expected return of unemployment. But today, things got a little bit strange. Having been up most of the night because of this damn cold/flu hybrid, I found myself listening to John Mayer again. John Mayer was my normal night time companion until I got a real-life boyfriend and had to mentally break up with The Mayer but he made a spectacular return last night. And what a wonderful impact he made. I had almost (not quite but almost) forgotten how amazing The Mayer was/is and he couldn't have reminded me at a better time.

So this morning, I wake up, get ready for my last ever shift on the shopfloor from hell, and a creepy realisation dawned on me. I didn't have to work my last shift. Why should I? I had done nothing but work ridiculously hard for nine weeks to get the reward of "your last day is Saturday". No thank you's, no reward, no acknowledgement. So with the lyrics from "No Such Thing" and "Why Georgia" playing on a blurred loop in my head, I headed into the office and gleefully said my goodbyes. I cleared my locker and headed for the train home. And then my heart sank. I had potentially just ruined my life. Instead of going into the New Year with a job and money, I was heading into 2012 penniless and unemployed. Maybe this was what I needed to do in order to succeed in 2012 and if it was then, hell yeah, I'm a bloody psychic. If, however, 2012 is a failure then please do not blame me. Blame The Mayer.

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