Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tinselitis #10: The Final Countdown

Christmas will be here in just four sleeps. Over the past ten weeks, I've manically given a week-by-week rundown of my countdown to Christmas. Yes, the presents have been bought and wrapped, yes I've decided that the majority of Christmas shoppers are miserable gits, and, yes, it's been fun. But this week is about something a little different.

Every Christmas, I do something most wouldn't expect of me. Last year, I made a donation to a local charity shop. This year - spurred on by my wonderful cousin's wonderful best friend - I decided to make a donation to the Crisis charity. If you can spare it - which some can, some can't - then you can't go far wrong with buying a homeless person a Christmas dinner and somewhere warm to stay this weekend. Visit to reserve a Christmas dinner for someone. You'll be glad you did.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas 

Excerpt from

For many of us, Christmas is the best of times, sharing precious time with loved ones and friends. When you’re homeless, Christmas can be the hardest time of all. Cold, hungry and alone, there’s often nothing to enjoy, no one to be with, and little hope of anything better.
By reserving a place you will be providing three nutritious meals for someone like John below, as well as the chance to benefit from life-saving services such as health checks, housing advice and the chance to learn new skills and perhaps most importantly companionship and support to feel like a human being again.

If we can welcome homeless people in at this toughest of times, with the offer of a good meal and good company, it can be the start of getting them off the streets and out of homelessness for good, and your gift will be invaluable in making this happen.

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